Wise Woman Rising Women’s Retreat ~ November 11-13, 2022




A Wise Woman Rising Women’s Retreat with Rebecca Jeffers M.Ed., LPC

“The Wasteland is the hollowness inside us, for we are reflections of the hollow world we live in. Instead of following our own instincts, instead of of discovering what it is that gives us joy, what makes our heart sing, we spend most of our lives trying to make other people happy, squeezing ourselves into their boxes, living from our head rather than our instinct for what is good and healthy. And following these conventions, living lives of arid appropriateness, kills all that is alive and vibrant inside us. We can possess all the fine goods that our civilization has to offer us; we can have important jobs, and social status, and tone our bodies on all the latest machines – but without a sense of belonging to the world, we feel empty and our lives lack meaning. Yes, something is rotten at the mechanical heart of the Wasteland and, whether or not we fully acknowledge it, whether or not we know what to do about it, something in us feels it. So many of us suffer from the stresses of living in a world that inflicts on us an excess both of connectivity and complexity, ties us to machines and gadgets, keeps us forever moving, forever doing. There is no time or place to develop community, no time to develop a relationship with the planet which sustains us, no time to think about, let alone act upon, spiritual values.  Author, Sharon Blackie

The world is indeed a Wasteland, and as we rouse ourselves from the pandemic of the past two-plus years, we are greeted with civil unrest, political violence, and the rise of authoritarianism worldwide. With the world on fire, how then do we find our bearings?  No longer is it enough to focus only on our personal and internal growth. As women have always done, we must take our place as the Wisdom Keepers of the planet. Each, in our own way, must find the path out of the Wasteland and develop a sense of place, belonging not just to ourselves but also deeply rooted to the Earth Mother.  How will this retreat assist in this process? First, we will connect to the land as much as possible to reclaim roots and our sense of place. You will be encouraged to think upon and bring a myth or story from the land of your ancestors or from a place you feel deeply connected to. Leaving the Wasteland requires reconnecting with the seasons and cycles of the year and to the natural world we have forgotten we belong to. When we lose our connection to nature and the creatures around us, then, in the deepest sense, we lose ourselves. To facilitate our connection to the year’s cycles, we will create a Sacred Wheel of Life and work with the Five Elements of Transformation and Change (Water, Earth, Fire, Spirit, Air).

“From the perspective of shamanic consciousness (indigenous wisdom), we understand the great wheel of life consistently turns and moves us through many sequences of death and rebirth. With this awareness we understand that there is nothing to fear if we stay awake and ….progress through the Cycles of Change consciously.” ~ author and teacher, Linda Star Wolf

We will not waste our time debating politics or the world’s sorrows. Our time is better spent developing the courage and resilience to leave the Wasteland (inner and outer), connect deeply to a sense of place and cultivate belongingness, discover our cyclical elemental patterns, and claim our own unique path forward.

Carl Jung posited that the second half of life is where the ego begins to step back and the spirit begins to lead. If the average American woman lives between 79-81 years old, many of us are either in mid-life or fast approaching it. Mid-life and the elder years are when our energy can turn into a laser beam on what we need to do in the world. If we are still in the “building” stage of life, we may feel the pull of spirit calling us down new and different paths. Those who have passed the “building” stage find new energy reservoirs for pursuits more centered on the heart and soul. We are far from done. In all the old myths, older women make the world go around. How do we reclaim that part of ourselves? How do we access this wise inner sage? Over the years, I’ve created various retreat processes to retrieve our inner connection. We must be willing to enter into the vast and unknown wilderness of our own body, mind, heart, and spirit to explore our most valuable gifts- our wisdom, intuitive insight, and the clarity that awaits those courageous enough to make the journey.

Come join the circle of women, explore your inner terrain, and reconnect to a sense of belonging to the land. The Brazos House Retreat is a rusticly beautiful property located on the Brazos River near Glen Rose, Texas, less than an hour from Fort Worth. Weather permitting, we will take advantage of the outdoors as often as possible during the weekend. http://www.brazoshouseretreat.com

Brazos House Retreat

Fire Ceremony

• Create an outdoor Wheel of Life

• Expressive Arts Project & Mandala Drawing
• Creative Journaling -the power and beauty of a Mandala journal
• Body Movement/Expressive Dance, Yoga Stretch
• Breathwork Soul Journey
• Wisdom Teachings from Rebecca
• Storytelling, Meditation, Guided Imagery
• Fire Circle with S’mores under a waning gibbous moon -89.3 % full
• Dreams – Music – Drumming – Art – Dancing
• Spontaneous Joy – Heartfelt Emotions – Lasting connections
• Tasty Meals ~ Dietary Accommodations
• Relaxing On The Porch Or Hiking the Grounds and Brazos River Frontage

Wheel Of Life

DATE: November 11-13, 2022, Friday, we begin our day at 4 pm. You may arrive anytime after 1 pm to settle in and take advantage of being on the land.

TIME: The retreat begins promptly with a gathering circle at 4 pm. The retreat will end after lunch on Sunday. Traditionally, we have lunch in Glen Rose at a local restaurant. This is an optional event, and all are encouraged to attend.

LOCATION: Brazos House Retreat, 3142 County Road 304, Rainbow, Texas 76077 (approximately 1 hour from FW and Dallas)

COST: Cost includes retreat, food, and lodging.

Upstairs Private room with private bath (1 available) $660

Upstairs Double Occupancy -twin beds with private bath-(2 available) $630

“Bunk Room” Downstairs 6 twin beds with private bath (6 available) $600

Costs are per person.

MEALS: The following meals are provided and include daily snacks, water, iced tea, and coffee.
Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch, and Dinner are provided. Sunday lunch is traditionally in Glen Rose at a local restaurant and is “on your own.”
Breakfast will be prepared “on your own” with typical breakfast foods provided and available for your preparation.
Dietary restrictions can be accommodated.


email: wisewomanretreats@gmail.com or message at  www.facebook.com/rebeccajefferscounselor

Space is limited, so please register early.

PAYMENT: REGISTRATION VIA THE WEBSITE IS DISABLED. Please call Rebecca with a credit card. Venmo @rebecca-jeffers-2. Mail a check to 6221 Trail Lake Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76133


Rebecca Jeffers invites you to join her in the journey to reclaim the Wise Woman who lives within each and every woman. A licensed counselor with a private practice in Fort Worth, Texas, Rebecca is a popular storyteller and workshop/retreat leader with over 24 years of experience. She has deep compassion for exploring the treasures of the Feminine Spirit and empowering women to live and speak their truth. Having found her own voice, she is dedicated to passing on the powerful reclamation process to all women.
Rebecca has pursued the in-depth study of intuition, wisdom teachings, somatic (body) psychology, mandala drawing/ expressive arts, Jungian and transpersonal psychology, and the healing power of Story. She is a student of Dr. Clarissa P. Estes’ author of Women Who Run With the Wolves, and incorporates many of these teachings into her work. Additionally, she is certified in Breathwork, Hypnosis, and EMDR Level 1 and 2.

Her Heart Work Scripts™ and Wise Woman Rising ® programs have assisted countless individuals in learning the art of self-nurturing through healing the younger self, thus reclaiming a fully contained adult. Through healing the younger versions of ourselves and connection to innate Inner Wisdom, we can access the eternal Wise Woman and Wise Man aspects of our psyche.

Cancellation policy for retreats and intensives:
Any cancellation received 30 days or more before the event will receive a refund less a $100 fee. Any cancellation received 29-15 days before the retreat will receive a 50% refund or the option of applying the full amount, less the $100 fee, to another event. Cancellations received 14-0 days before the retreat start are not eligible for a refund.