Although I have become known for my work with women, I have had the opportunity to assist many men in their journey to freedom and to reclaim lost parts of themselves. Men and women are different it is true; however, research reveals that both benefit equally from psychotherapy. Men often get caught up in the self-reliant mode and minimize their need for self-care and self-reflection.

As a man working with me, you can expect me to be attentive to the unique issues men face including men’s social roles, stress, life dissatisfaction, anger,  relationship and intimacy concerns.  Often it is stress on the job, or in family relations, or through seeking romantic and intimate relationships that men realize they need to ask for help.

My work is individualized for each man and includes accessing areas of feeling and emotions previously denied. Because men are often conditioned by social norms requiring them to refrain from showing and expressing their emotions they are less likely to seek out counseling. However, I find that when men can face their fear, shame, anger, emotional vulnerability, and loneliness something magical happens. The heart opens, self-esteem increases and the ability to love others improves. The Heart Work Scripts™ process opens the door to the inner Wise Man, the full-grown adult aspect who knows with clarity what it is he must do and what it is he must have. Whether it be current stressors or past hurts that keep a man from accessing his heart, once he learns consistently to call on the internal Wise Man he becomes a potent source of healthy masculinity.