“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks dreams, who looks inside awakens.” Carl Jung

Reclaim, Renew, Return

Heart Work Scripts™ and the Wise Woman Rising® coaching/counseling program is designed to facilitate the return to your True Self, the authentic you.  With my clients, I often see that painful early life experiences have set them up to feel shame or a sense that they are somehow not good enough, worthy, adequate, or lovable. Sometimes women think that they have lost themselves in the shuffle of life, relationships, family, children, and career.  Mired in anxiety, depression, dead-end marriages or relationships they feel a sense of dis-ease. And sometimes they simply want more authenticity, aliveness, and joy.


Our first step is the reclamation of your innate sense of Self. As we work together, we will answer the questions arising from the soul such as. “Who am I at this stage of life?”Have I lost parts of myself?”  “What is my current relationship with the younger girl/woman inside me?” “Where is my creativity and passion for life?” “What is the state of health of my relationships?” The foundation of this programed is my signature Heart Work Scripts -healing yourself home™ and the Shame Reduction Script for Your Younger Self © 2016

Together we will explore any areas of a disrupted connection with your-Self. Self, with a capital S, represents the larger “I” of your psyche. The Self contains the entirety of who we are; our light and shadow, our soft center and sharper edges, our identity as well as our spiritual aspect.

Next, we will examine any relevant parts of your history to uncover recurrent themes in feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. The process of telling and working through your story is a powerful one. Author Brene’ Brown, reminds us “You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” Reclaiming your story and walking within it is what produces resilience, courage, empathy, and compassion for yourself and others. These are the building blocks of self-love and the ability to relate and love another. Owning your story is an invaluable part of the process to claim the inner Wise Woman, heal toxic shame, and restore balance within the psyche.

Within the story, patterns emerge around family and relationship dysfunction; as well as codependency, addictions (yours and others), abuse, trauma and betrayal bonds, anxieties and depressions. We will explore not only what went wrong, but also what went right. What surfaces are your innate strengths, talents and natural inner beauty. Expect to reclaim your voice, learn to speak your truth and walk in your own story.

Reclaiming challenges you to shift from a head-centered orientation to a heart-centered awareness. As you move into your heart, you become more mindful and restore your ability to be aware of and feel your feelings. I find that most women don’t know what they are experiencing on an emotional level. When I ask “What feelings are you having?” the typical response is “I feel like life is hard.”, “I feel like my ex is a jerk.” these are not emotions but thoughts. Emotions, long-repressed might be coming out inappropriately or squashed into numbness.

If we took all the words, we use to describe our feelings we’d come down to these core examples: anger, pain (sad/hurt), fear, loneliness, guilt, shame, passion, love, and joy. Learning to name, claim and process feelings is paramount to reclaiming our authentic feeling selves. Journaling, mandala journaling, guided meditation, exploring creativity are all aspects of the reclaiming process.


The renewal stage is where you can begin to retake a deep breath. Here is where you find your voice and learn to love yourself again.

At this point, you understand that though you may have felt a profound sense of loss nothing in your psyche has ever been lost to you. All that you are or ever been has steadfastly waited for you to come and find again. The forgotten, neglected, and perhaps wounded little girl, adolescent, or younger woman is waiting patiently for you to breath life into her again. These orphaned parts of you will start to experience a renewal of energy and balance.  To assist this process I have developed exercises and scripts I call Heart Work to facilitate the renewal of energy and love to the orphaned parts of the psyche.

During the Renew stage, women often participate in my Path Of the Heart Intensive weekend and the annual Wise Woman Rising® retreat. These events are profoundly healing and designed with your progress and needs in mind.

With the renewal, you awaken to yourSelf and begin to step into your Wise Woman, your fully functioning adult woman plus her broader spiritual dimensions. Here you encounter your adult self as you learn to honor and embrace the wise part of your psyche. You have lived through much; you have survived. Your Wise Woman has been with you always, walking by your side and whispering in your ear. Now you will find the courage to listen to her.


Women spend much of their lives not feeling right in their own skins. During the return, you claim your right to live fully, freely in your skin. You have owned your story, restored your feeling heart, reclaimed your voice and now it is time to turn to face into your daily life. The art of setting boundaries, mindfulness and continuing to empower your Wise Woman with Heart Work is the order of the day. The return stage is an integration of all you’ve learned and bestows upon you the knowledge about what it is I must do and what it is I must have. Clarity and increased consciousness about your life, and your choices are the gifts of this stage. Once a woman has returned she is a sight to behold. She is strong, brave, lives with a clarity of heart, can set boundaries and perhaps most importantly can speak her truth.


The Wise Woman Rising® program is a process. Although I present Reclaim, Renew, and Return as stages, in reality, they are overlapping and occurring at the same time. In the beginning, it can feel as if we’ve dumped a 1000 piece puzzle on the floor. Ey! It can seem a bit to a lot overwhelming. But piece by piece together we begin to reclaim the whole, the picture, and the story of You becomes clear, potent and beautiful.

Most of us want a life hack, give me an easier, shorter way to achieve what I desire. Give me five steps so I can get it done right now. Well, you can’t hack being a wise woman! It won’t work. You must strive for it and be willing to work through the process if you desire to step fully into your Wise Woman Self.