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“There are no accidents … only opportunities to discover Self in new ways.”
–Rebecca Jeffers

IMG 1393 1Rebecca Jeffers, M.Ed., LPC

For more than 20 years, Rebecca Jeffers has been helping people reclaim and renew their commitment to life by reclaiming their authentic, wise woman and wise man Self. This journey of renewal can lead to clarity, healing,  insight, and transformation. Rebecca is Gestalt-Psychodynamic-Mindfulness based therapist and life coach, who empowers her clients to release old wounds so they can live with vibrancy in the here and now. She artfully blends these, and other approaches to facilitate self-development, empowerment and the realization of personal potential. 


In 1997 Rebecca attended her first "teaching" with Clarissa Pinkola Estes', author of Women Who Run With the Wolves. A seminal book on Women's Psychology and empowerment WWRWW has been translated into over 50 languages. Now one of Dr. Estes' students, Rebecca offers in-depth study of the book and frequently employs the powerful teachings for her retreats and private work. 


Gestalt therapy is an exploration into the heart of who one is, right now. The goal is growth and autonomy through an increase in consciousness. Rather than maintaining distance and interpreting, the Gestalt therapist meets patients and guides them toward active awareness. The emphasis is on the immediate experience; whatever exists in the here and now and how that experience is more reliable than interpretation.  Rebecca is a directive and engaging counselor who teaches clients the difference between talking about what occurred five minutes ago (or last night or 20 years ago) and experiencing what is happening in the now moment. 


Psychodynamic therapy, also known as insight-oriented therapy, focuses on patterns of belief, thought and behavior as they manifest in a person's present life. The goals of psychodynamic therapy are a client's self-awareness and understanding of the influence that the past has on current behavior. With great sensitivity, Rebecca helps clients explore their history, reclaim the ability to feel emotions and express them appropriately. The longest eighteen inches in the world is the space between the head and heart. Assisting clients to make this journey is a cornerstone of her work. 


Mindfulness-based approaches are designed to deliberately focus one’s attention on the present experience in a way that is non-judgmental. The Chinese character for mindfulness is now and heart. Honoring feelings is very important: however, feelings and thoughts are not facts, and we are not our feelings and our thoughts. Indeed, we are so much more. Rebecca assists clients with mindfulness through meditation techniques, guided imagery, and hypnosis.


Rebecca Jeffers has a Master's degree from Tarleton State University, a division of Texas A&M.  She previously worked as a therapist and group leader at Shades of Hope Treatment Center in Buffalo Gap, Texas where she facilitated Family Week, the 5 Day Eating Disorder Intensive, and co-facilitated the Breaking Free Intensive. She has decades of experience and study in these fields:

  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Food Addiction
  • Emotional Release Work
  • Addictions and Compulsive Patterns
  • Codependency
  • Love/Relationship Addiction
  • Love Avoidant
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Transpersonal and Jungian Psychology
  • Meditation/ Mindfulness
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique) 
  • EMDR (eye movement desensitization process)
  • Guided Imagery
  • Creative Writing
  • Body Movement
  • Expressive Art
  • Breathwork
  • Dreamwork


At the age of 35, Rebecca found herself broken and suicidal after the end of another relationship where she had given up everything she had, figuratively and literally, to someone who was emotionally unavailable.  Heartbroken and broke, driving around in a borrowed car; that was spilling gas fumes through the air conditioning ducts, she was forced to come face to face with herself, and all of her choices.  She recalls a friend saying "have you heard of the book Codependent No More"?

These events started a tidal wave of soul-searching, which included an expedition to rescue the lonely, shame-filled inner little girl, claim herself as a fully functioning adult woman, and culminated in becoming a counselor dedicated to guiding others on that same path.  Rebecca read every book she could find on codependency,  dysfunctional family dynamics, adult children of alcoholics, inner child healing and attended conferences and workshops with fantastic teachers Pia Melody, Melody Beattie, John Bradshaw, and Claudia Black. Through counseling with a Gestalt, psychodynamically-oriented therapist she came to understand the learned, dysfunctional patterns of thought, feeling and behaviors from childhood that she'd carried into her adult relationships, how this had led to a loss of self, and, most importantly how to heal herself. 

Rebecca calls the early 90's the awakening to my Wise Woman Self time. Reading Clarissa Pinkola Estes' seminal book on women's psychology Women Who Run With the Wolves, she found a previously untapped wellspring of courage and strength. The material touched her, inspired her and changed her; ultimately allowing her to reclaim a part of herself that had been missing for a long time.  She found her voice, retrieved her innate feminine power, including her intuition and creativity, and started her Master's program to become a counselor. In 1994, she facilitated her first Women Who Run With the Wolves study group and in 96, she attended training with Dr. Estes in Colorado.  Now a student of Estes' work, Rebecca continues to offer groups, retreats and personal coaching around this vibrant and empowering material. 

In 1999, working as a counselor at Shades of Hope Treatment Center for eating disorders, addictions, trauma, and codependency, Rebecca entered what she calls the trial by fire initiation into deep work. It was a transformative time of learning how to honor and process feelings, set boundaries with self and others, and heal shame and the sense of inadequacy. She facilitated daily process groups, individual therapy and later facilitated family week, the 5 day Eating Disorder Intensive, and co-facilitated the Breaking Free Weekend Intensive.

In 2000 Rebecca gave birth to Wise Woman Retreats and has held retreats in many magical places all over Texas and Oklahoma. She had developed the Wise Woman Rising Coaching program and now offers her work in person, online, and via phone, Skype, or email. 

In Women Who Run With the Wolves, Estes' says "If we could only remember that the work is to continue to do the work." The process of working on ourselves never ends for we are always a work in progress.  Rebecca now incorporates mindfulness techniques and the work of Byron Katie to help her clients more fully live in the present moment and regularly inquire into the truthfulness of their thoughts.  


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