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Fri Jun 29, 2018 @ 6:00PM -
Wild Soul Women's Circle - Urban Yoga
Fri Sep 07, 2018 @11:00AM -
Path Of the Heart Weekend Intensive
Fri Nov 09, 2018 @ 3:00PM -
Wise Woman Rising Annual Retreat
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"Rebecca, thank you for the encouragement to continue. I've gained more strength to stand on all fours! Own my power, my Wild Woman self." Sarah N., Wise Woman Rising Retreat 2016

"The Wise Woman Rising retreat gave me connection! To myself, to God, to nature, to others. Forgiveness and letting go of things I've held onto for years. And, a deeper connection with my intuition. I loved being with women, feminine energy and being outside.....the lake. I loved feeling connected to nature, simply playing and being a girl again. I loved your teaching!" J.D., 2016

"Thank you for sharing Estes' work from 'Women Who Run With the Wolves' at the Wimberley retreat ... you have brought the stories alive for me in ways I couldn't have imagined. In a word ... powerful! I'm changed by the weekend." --Coleen F.

"I loved the dancing, the gift of the Vasalisa story and the circle of women. I now have the courage to trust and listen to my intuition--my Wild Woman again!" Wise Woman Rising participant 2016


Feed Your Soul with Women’s Spiritual Retreats

“When a woman speaks her truth, fires up her intention and feeling, stays tight with the instinctive nature, she is singing, she is living in the wild breath-stream of the soul." -- CP Estes, author of Women Who Run With the Wolves

Annual Wise Woman Retreat - November 9-11, 2018

Come join the sacred circle of women and give yourself the gift of laughing, crying, howling, dancing and dreaming. Gather some wisdom, share your Spirit, make new connections and weave a little magic for the Feminine Soul.

Blue Heron Vista In 2000 Rebecca Jeffers gave birth to Wise Woman Retreats. Her vision was to provide life enhancing and creative surroundings where women could explore their Spirit and develop clarity, vision and courage. Rebecca invites you to join her in her journey to re-claim and reconnect with the Wise Woman who lives within each and every woman regardless of her circumstances. She has a deep passion for exploring the treasures of the Feminine Spirit and empowering women to live and speak their truth. Having found her own voice she is dedicated to passing on this powerful reclamation process to all women. Like the wisdom teachers of old she draws from her medicine bag all manner of healing potentials incorporating a lifetime of self-exploration, training and study regarding the achievement of empowerment, personal serenity, and the integration of mind/body/spirit.

From the banks of the Blanco River in Wimberley, to the Texas Star Ranch and Retreat in Weatherford, to the woods with a bird’s eye view of Comanche Peak in Granbury Rebecca chooses venues in Texas that calm, inspire and uplift. Together we’ll explore your inner terrain through a variety of thought provoking experiential techniques such as Rebecca's performance storytelling, guided imagery, movement, expressive art, dance, and meaningful rituals. Wise Woman Retreats are designed to expand inner awareness, foster emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual healing, and open your heart to all that is possible.

Fall 2016

YOUR WILD HEART: Creativity, Intuition and Empowerment, Crescent Moon Lodge, Rattan Oklahoma. This incredibly beautiful property provided the backdrop to an awesome retreat. Working with the story of Vasilisa from C.P. Estes' book Women Who Run With the Wolves,  we learned how to reclaim or intuition and crafted awesome Spirit Intuition dolls to represent the doll in our pocket. Sunrise and sunset yoga, full moon fire circle, dancing, wisdom teachings, labyrinth walk, and the power of feminine energy all combined for a super charged, deeply meaningful retreat experience. 

Fall 2014

Persephone's Wisdom: A Wise Woman Retreat, Retreat  In the Pines, Mineola Texas. We danced, we dreamed, we laughed and we cried. We explored the myth of Demeter and Persephone and made a mask to represent our inner Persephone aspect. Together we stepped into our Wise Woman Self and reclaimed our power.

Fall 2010

A Time For Sister's Annual Wise Woman Retreat Mariposa On the Lake Retreat House on Eagle Mountain Lake provided a beautiful container for our time together. Each woman made a "life coat" detailing her journey so far. We laughed, cried, danced, and spoke our truth!

Fall 2009

Mamma Mia! Reclaiming the Power, Passion, & Creativity of Aphrodite
A Wise Woman Retreat
A weekend of celebrating sisterhood and the Goddess Aphrodite. Our location will be was the beautifu and rustic D J Art Ranch in Mineral Wells Texas. Music, laughing, dancing and reclamation of Aphrodite’s gifts of beauty, love and wisdom.

Past Wise Woman Retreat Offerings:

"Maiden ~ Mother ~ Crone: Women's Sacred Journey"
Texas Star Ranch, Weatherford Texas
Becoming intuitively engaged with the Universal energies of the Maiden/Mother/Crone deepens a woman's relationship with herself and her world. These energies occur not only in our chronological life stages, but also in our day to day cycling and re-cycling of emotional and spiritual growth. As our lives unfold, no matter our age, we are called to pass through three feminine gates where we engage the Maiden/Mother/Crone aspects of ourselves.

At the first gate we meet the Maiden with her budding instinct, natural naiveté', and open joyful spirit. With her receptivity we accept the seeds of new consciousness and awareness. At the next gate we carry the seed into the realm of the Mother which allows us to incubate, birth, and nurture this previously unknown part of ourselves. This creative blossoming moves us through the third gate were we discover the clarity, vision, and courage of the Crone who enables us to "give back" newfound wisdom in relationships with Self and others. Through this Journey of the eternal tri-cycle a woman discovers her True Self.

Ritual of Maskmaking
When a woman enters the sacred ceremony of creating a mask of her face she is astonished by the power of the experience. Through the mask we will show our face as the Maiden, Mother, Crone thereby deepening our inner knowing. Ritualistically we come "face to face" with the deepest parts of ourselves.

maiden mother croneDance of the Maiden/Mother/Crone
The dancing path will cross the thresholds into the realms of the Maiden/Mother/Crone symbolizing our journey from seed, to flower, to harvest. Within a circle of intimacy and support we will venture through each of these gates.

"Initiations Into Wise Womanhood:
Losing Your Skin And Finding It Again"

Fall Women's Retreat
Wimberley, Texas

During this retreat we will be engaged in various exercises and wisdom teachings that are designed to help us develop clarity, vision, and courage. Using the tale "Sealskin Soulskin" from Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes as our guide we will explore our inner terrain through storytelling, dance, music, guided imagery, creative art, journaling, movement, and spontaneous acts of joy and gratitude.

"Listening To the Animal Spirits"
A mini retreat at Sendero del Corazon, Granbury Texas

A mini retreat exploring the power and wisdom of identifying and engaging the energies of your personal animal totems. Native peoples have always believed animals hold powerful “medicine” … medicine not in the sense of a substance to take for illness, but rather medicine as identified by the deep essence or power contained in the energy of an animal’s spirit. The medicine in the eagle’s essence is the ability to see the “big picture”. Calling upon the eagle’s medicine allows us to step back and see the larger context of our lives. Personal animal totems are those animals that “speak” to us … those we feel intuitively connected to or those that present themselves to us thru dreams, visions, or the comings and goings of our daily lives.

During this retreat you will connect with your own animal totems and identify the animals that belong around your personal medicine wheel of life. Through medicine wheel teachings, guided drumming meditations, creative art, and working with the energies of animal spirits we will explore how your animal totems can bring increased power and wisdom to your life. Weather permitting Saturday night we will dance around the fire and hold a special ceremony in the Medicine Wheel Garden at Sendero del Corazon

  • Discover your personal animal totems
  • Learn how to center yourself through guided meditations and drumming
  • Participate in meaningful creativity exercises

Mother-Daughter Retreat "Blessed By the Moon"
A Mother ~ Daughter
Wise Woman Retreat

Sendero del Corazon, Granbury Texas

This retreat is designed to offer a special bonding experience for mothers and daughters (ages 10-13 ~ ages close to this will be considered depending on interview by Rebecca).

As girls begin their entry into young womanhood they are said to be "blessed by the Moon". It is a time of anticipation, of excitement, and of anxiety and fears. It should also be a time of celebration and the beginning of a new cycle in the relationship between mother and daughter. How this transition is approached by both will lay the foundation for the relationship for years to come.

During this retreat we will engage in bonding exercises, fun activities, and a special "rite of passage" ritual around the fire (weather permitting) Saturday night. Under a gently waxing Mother Moon we will celebrate the lunar cycle that draws the ocean tides and guides our monthly cycles all our lives. Together we'll let the Mother Moon inspire us to realize our connection to the greater Universe and our own natural rhythms. Forever evoking us to remember who we are ...our power, our wisdom, and our strength as women. This is sure to be a time that will never be forgotten by both mother and daughters.

“How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you? A place for you to go ... a place of women, to help you learn the ways of woman ... a place where you were nurtured from an ancient flow sustaining you and steadying you as sought to become yourself. A place of women to help you find and trust the ancient flow already there within yourself ... waiting to be released ... A place of women ... How might your life be different?”
--Judith Duerk ~ Circle of Stones

Cancellation policy for retreats and intensives:

Any cancellation received 30 days or more prior to event will receive a refund less a $100 fee. Any cancellation received 29-15 days prior to retreat will receive the option of 50% refund or the option of applying the full amount, less $100 fee, to another event within one year from date of cancellation.  Cancellations received 14-0 days before start of retreat are not eligible for a refund. 

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