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"Rebecca is the best counselor I've ever found. Her blend of counseling, and women's empowerment has changed my life. I was facing a life transition and needed to make a decision. Other counselors just nodded their heads, but didn't offer much help. Not Rebecca......I'll never be the same! Thank you Rebecca".  --C. S.

"I found Rebecca purely by accident! But I am so thankful that I did. I have referred friends to her for counseling! She has helped me see the light and she is a no fluff kind of lady! I am so excited to attend her retreat this fall. She is perfectly perfect in every way that a therapist can be. I would refer her to anyone who wanted to grow, work hard for their own personal future to be the best they can be".  --D. P.

"Rebecca saved my life and her work just may be the cure for a mid-life meltdown. I learned to listen to my true Self with Sacred Intuition and went deep inside a place I've always been too afraid to go. She showed me how to go inside, find the wound, and bring it out of myself by doing "honoring act's". She has a room full art supplies so I could symbolically represent my journey as we went along. My last night there I performed a powerful ritual that opened the door once again to my life's purpose."  --T. Turner

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"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks dreams, who looks inside awakens."   Carl Jung

Reclaim, Renew, Return

Wise Woman Rising (TM) Coaching is the process Rebecca guides women through who have a desire to return to their authentic, whole self. Sometimes painful early life experiences set women up to feel shame, or a sense that they are not good enough, worthy, adequate, or lovable. Sometimes a woman just feels as though she has lost herself in the shuffle of life, relationships, family, children, and career. 


The first step is a reclamation of your innate sense of Self. Who am I at this stage of life? Where along the way have I lost myself? What is my relationship with the younger girl/woman inside of me who has lived through my life experiences? In this stage, we explore the disrupted relationship with Self. Self, with a capital S, represents the larger "I" of your psyche. It encompasses the totality of who you really are; your light and dark, your soft center and harsher edges, your ego as well as your spiritual aspect.  

We explore your history to discover the patterns of feeling, thought, and behavior that are vestiges of wounds from long ago. Telling your story, claiming that story as the story of me is an invaluable part of the journey to claim your inner wise woman. During this process we delve into family of origin dynamics and relationship patterns, codependency, addictions, anxiety and depressions. Together we find you ability to reclaim your voice, to speak your truth and tell your story.

Reclaiming requires shifting from a head-centered orientation to a heart-centered focus. As you move into your heart, you reclaim your ability to be aware of and feel your feelings. I find that most women don't have a clue what they are experiencing on an emotional level.  When I ask "What feelings are you having?" they typically give me their thoughts such as "I feel like life is hard.", "I feel like my ex is a jerk." these are not emotions but thoughts. Reclaiming means you know clearly what emotions you are experiencing. Anger, pain (sad/hurt), fear, lonely, guilt, shame and joy. Journaling, drawing mandalas, guided meditation, exploring creativity are all aspects of the reclaiming process.


The renewal stage is where you can begin to take a deep breathe. Here is where you find your voice and learn to love yourself again. See you came here as an innocent little child and then stuff started happening to you. There has never been anything wrong with you. You are not broken or lost. 

At this point, you begin to understand that though you may have felt a profound sense of loss nothing in your psyche has ever truly been lost. All that you are is there waiting for you. The wounded, neglected little girl, adolescent, or younger woman is waiting patiently for you to breath life into her again. These parts of you will start to experience a renewal of energy, balance and love.  

You awaken to yourSelf and begin to step into your Wise Woman. Here you encounter your adult self as you learn to honor and embrace the wise part of your psyche. You have lived through much; you have survived. Your Wise Woman has been with you always,  walking by your side and whispering in your ear. Now you will find the courage to listen to her. 


Women spend much of their lives not feeling right in their own skins. During the return, you claim your right to live fully, freely in your skin. The return involves an integration of all you've learned along the way and culminates in clarity about what it is I must do and what it is I must have. Clarity and increased consciousness about your life, and your choices are the gifts of this stage in the process. Once a woman has returned she is a sight to behold. She is strong, brave, lives with a clarity of heart, can set boundaries and perhaps most importantly can speak her truth. 


The Wise Woman Rising (TM) program is a process. Although I present Reclaim, Renew, and Return as stages, in reality, they are overlapping and occurring at the same time. In the beginning, it can feel as if you have dumped a 1000 piece puzzle on the floor. Ey! It can seem overwhelming. But piece by piece together we begin to reclaim the  whole, the picture and story of you becomes clearer and clearer. 

Most of us want a life hack, an easier, shorter way to do achieve what we desire. Give me five steps so I can get it done right now. You can't hack being a wise woman! It won't work. You must strive for it and be willing to work through the process if you desire to step fully into your Wise Woman Self. 

Currently you can work with Rebecca in person, phone/Skype, or via email. Please contact Rebecca at 817-219-7913 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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